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BodyGlaze California (USA) brings to you some of the finest results of many years of American Scientific Research and Development in the natural healing medicines and methods. The centuries old medicines and practices followed throughout the world are analyzed in great detail and offered at BodyGlaze Spa’s for the benefit of modern man.
This carefully chosen program comprising various ancient treatments and procedures offer you a wide variety of treatments that would address your specific requirement. Some of the treatments have been around for hundreds of years and have been scientifically or medically proven to be effective for many ailments. The spa therapies offered include the use of thermal agents, water, mechanical agents and cosmetic agents.
I am certain that your BodyGlaze experience would be pleasant and memorable.
Dr. Reinhard R. Bergel
The Head and Hair Rituals
because a healthy head carry the beauty within.
Head treatments good for relieving stress, tension, fatigue, insomnia, headaches, migraine and sinusitis and hair treatments.
The Hands and Feet Rituals
detailing and distinguishing every features.
Scrub away the dead cells and bring the shining back through exfoliation, nourishing and renewing your damaged skin and hands.
The Face Rituals
whenever you think of a facelift.
Want to uncover your real face? A variety of treatments to suit various skin types are available.
The Body Treatment Rituals
for a body shine; indeed blemishless.
For a body that you love so much need careful care and pampering. A host of body treatments gives you the shining body.
The Body Therapeutic Massage Rituals
therapeutic movement cure.
Feel physically best.
Every muscle in the body crave for care and satisfying them means better life. East or west, the best is offered.
The Bath Rituals
freshness of natural life.
A treat for your deserving self. A complete purifier and refresher transforming you at its best.
Wedding Bell
star of the day, impress immensely.
The BodyGlaze magic always works and star of the day; bride or groom, steal the day and stuns the onlookers. You are different for this special day and beyond.
The Slimming Programme
just throw your right weight around.
This programme combines lymphatic drainage and latest technology. Our intensive range of body slimming products helps eliminate excess fat and improve skin tone.
BodyGlaze Weekend Special
Naturally Yours.
A BodyGlaze signature treatment provides you with a sense of absolute peace of mind and sense of wellbeing and self control.
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